Monday, October 25, 2010

*Revised* I am not a nurse, but I play one (for about a minute) on tv by LaShawn (Brown) Sithole

Since this original post, a cool family update may be found at the end! 


Yesterday was a complete blast! It was my second commercial for a local hospital’s affiliate clinic and third for this agency. What a wonderful hobby and big fun, too. (Thanks, God!)
One thing was certain about today’s shoot: everyone was a great sport about the pictures.  Thank you! For that reason, I was able to capture a nice reel of pictures to photo journal my fantastic day! (if it’s not, don’t tell me)
The Cast and Crew On Our Set… Notice the actors and their varied facial expressions.  Some do commercials all of the time, some sing, some are puppeteers. The production company, Pollaro Media, is family owned and very cool to work with these guys.   RadioVision’s, Deborah Gerard takes great care of her actors and for that we thank you!
  Time for LUNCH!
Bob is a photographer who also doubles in teaching Art part time at my alma mater.
Louie directs this second shoot of doctors on another set nearby on campus. If my memory serves me correctly, he is the Patriarch of Pollaro Media. 
<-Deborah Gerard, MVP. Nuff said.

Robert and most of the cast live in Dallas. It’s a WRAP!

Addendum: I am so glad I made this post!!!  Since then, my young budding actor cousin, Jerrell Ritcherson (below) is also being added to the talent bank of this agency! How cool is that?  I suspect my other budding actor cousin, Garrett Eucolia Nunley, will soon follow. 

Perhaps I will get my dream of seeing both cousins, Jerrell and Garrett in a production together. That would be fabulous! Keep studying hard, Fellas! I am very proud of both of You!
Big Blessings! <3

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