Monday, January 17, 2011

Be Motivated Series: Dedicated and Disciplined by LaShawn Sithole

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When it comes to being dedicated and disciplined there are some things that we are just better at than others. In what ways can we improve?

How can we reach for a better life? Here are some suggestions from notes studying Leroy Brownlow - Give Us This Day A Devotional Guide to Daily Living. 

"WALK WITH GOD. The direction is right. The journey is joyful. And it gives no room to go astray.

BEHAVE YOURSELF LIKE AN ADULT. Don't whimper like a baby. Don't fuss like a child. Don't quit like an adolescent.

BE A WATCHMAN ON DUTY. Guard your speech, guard your faith, guard your honor.


HONOR EVERY COMMITMENT TO GOD and man. It is better not to vow than to vow and break it.

BE AN EXAMPLE. People follow better than they take orders.

KEEP A COOL HEAD. Hot heads don't solve problems. Operating with a short fuse makes for a quick explosion.

KEEP A WARM HEART. Be tender, sympathetic, and kind. A heart that feels with others is always welcome.

LET ALL THAT YOU DO BE DONE IN LOVE (1Corinthians 16:13) When motivated by love, any mistake you may make will be only one of judgment."  

I simply love this list of noble qualities to pursue. Now that we have a list, how can we use it for lasting change? As Sharon Watkins-Jones put it in her fabulous Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Story, we need to do more than know about it, we need to 'be about it!' 

Discipline and dedication are essential to success and continued success.

“Discipline was the only thing that kept me from failing,” said Les Brown, international motivator, “and it might be the difference in your life as well.”

From Dennis Kimbro’s Daily Motivations for African American Success, Dr. Kimbo penned these words giving us something to think about:

How do you unleash the power of self discipline? By habit. It’s been said, “Sow an action and you will reap a habit; sow a habit and you will reap a character; sow a character and you will reap a destiny.” In the simplest of terms, self-discipline is taking control of your mind, your habits, and your emotions. 

Until you master self discipline, you will be unable to master anything else.

Whenever life knocks you down, get back up and demand the best out of life. Each of us could live our dreams if we’d only master our habits. The disciplined person is not a spectator in life, but a participant in it.”

Here’s today’s video. Enjoy! Thank You for Reading and Sharing!

“No life will ever be great until it is dedicated and disciplined.” Peter C. Bynoe, First African American Owner of Professional Basketball Team

Affirmation: Today I will use the power of self discipline to lead me toward my goals.

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