Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be Motivated Series: Listen Up by LaShawn Sithole

I am very blessed to do work that I really love including writing, ministry work, mentoring and providing a workshop on diversity appreciation that I created called, “Everybody Matters.”

One of the sections of this interactive model includes an activity on listening. We explore one of the most critical components to listening well. 

Of course you’ll have to join me one day in person to find out exactly what that is- but I will share this personal quote with you for free…

”Everybody –no matter where you are born- is taught to talk but not many –in all the earth are taught to listen. Think about it." LLS

Thank You to Mike Waters, Artist featured above. See many more Scripture based 'toons at:

Thank You So Much Today’s Readers from: Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Switzerland, Canada, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, and United States. I really appreciate your reading and sharing. God Bless You All Most Abundantly!

Today’s video on “The Course in Mastery” is excellent. Well, ok, they all are! Enjoy!

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