Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Be Motivated Series: Using Your Influence by LaShawn Sithole

Today’s lesson is about Influence. The Word of God tells us that bad associations corrupt good character in 1 Corinthians 15:33. 

In my training, I mention that every relationship we have has an influence on us to either encourage or discourage our movement towards our goals. Do your friend's thoughts often become your own? Who is influencing whom?

Aretha Franklin's "Who's Zoomin' Who" just popped into my head. Same concept - except she's singing to her love. Influence and how it's used is extremely important to keep in mind. 

Enjoy this passage from Leroy Brownlow’s... Give Us This Day: A Devotional Guide for Daily Living.
“When our son Paul was a little boy he had some special friends. One of them lived on a little acreage where happy children could play in the great outdoors. Another special attraction this friend had was some goats and a little wagon for the goats to pull.

There were times when the goats chose to be unruly and butted them down, but each time those boys got back up. What a lesson! Life has its blows, jolts and kicks that flatten us; but as long as we can get back up, we’re still in the struggle and still in reach of victory.

One day Paul came home smelling like a goat – and that’s not a savory odor. I jokingly said, “Son, if you run with the goats you’ll smell like a goat.” He was too young then to comprehend the full import of those words. Later he learned and heeded the message. Now, with two sons of his own, he understands even more fully the power of association and influence.

Jesus truly wants us to learn this lesson on influence. I know He does. For He told us what a little leaven could do to three measures of meal. (Matthew 13:33)

Since we are all creatures of influence, there is protection and elevation in associating with righteous, honorable people.

Furthermore, in most instances the very company in which you are apt to improve the most -will be the least expensive.”

Enjoy today's videos from The Course in Mastery, Day 11.

Here is Part One!

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Here is the second video for today. I absolutely LOVE this illustration. I believe that you will, too!


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