Sunday, January 16, 2011

Motivational Series for 2011 * Careful Goal Setting by LaShawn Sithole

Welcome to Day Two of the 30 Day Challenge! Goals are good but don’t get them twisted. How many goals do we have that benefit others beyond ourselves? Money can do good things for people but ‘the love of it is the root of all evil.’Therefore we must set goals carefully.

This little poem from “Give Us This Day” by Leroy Brownlow is an excellent reminder before today’s video on goal setting. 

It looks closely at what money can and can not buy. It keeps things in perspective as you will discover. Enjoy!!!

“What Money Will and Will Not Buy

Will buy an education, but not wisdom
Will buy tuition, but not knowledge
Will buy books, but not brains
Will buy a house, but not a home
Will buy a bed, but not sleep
Will buy food, but not appetite
Will buy clothes, but not a man to put in them
Will buy medicine, but not health
Will buy finery, but not beauty
Will buy amusement, but not happiness
Will buy gifts, but not love
Will buy employees, but not loyalty
Will buy electricity, but will not spark your personality
Will buy attention, but not respect
Will buy communication, but not character
Will buy a fine funeral, but not eternal life
Will buy some men, but not God
Will buy a lot of earth, but none of heaven.

While money has its values (also the possibility of liabilities), it will not buy the most valuable needs of man. Such benefits must be obtained otherwise and through other means.”

Have a blessed day as you enjoy and learn from The Course in Mastery, Day 2! Remember that this is an action series. Go ahead and get a journal in advance. You’ll be glad that you did!

Now, wasn't that a delightful story about Vladamir?  
Thank You for Reading, Listening and Sharing!!! 
Big Blessings to Each of You!!!

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