Saturday, January 1, 2011

Motivational Series for 2011 * Premier Issue: "I Dare You!" by L. LaShawn Sithole

I have decided to do blog posts that share the resources that inspire and motivate me. One such book is Daily Motivations for African American Success by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. Below is an excerpt from the last page of this book.

In an earlier post, I dared you to love God and see what happens. Well, here is a list of noble goals for you (and me) to consider as we move into this new year. (Many thanks to Dr. Kimbro, who's book is available on


develop the enduring qualities of Booker T. Washington and Madam Walker.

see the big picture as did Benjamin Mays, to study and read and pay the price to secure an education.

make your home a centerpiece for love and spiritual values as did Clara “Mother” Hale and Fannie Lou Hamer.

step out boldly in spite of the odds to build a profitable enterprise, one that your race can be proud of, as did John Johnson and Earl Graves.

light the fires of young, imaginative minds as did Mary McLeod Bethune and Niara Sudarkasa.

…turn a deaf ear to any possible excuses and make a name for yourself as did Bonnie St. John.

write from the heart and stir the consciousness of a people as did Alice Walker and Toni Morrison.

return to your roots and share with others the fruits of your daring, as did Alex Haley.

I dare you to become involved.
I dare you to become strong.
I dare you to become rejuvenated.
I dare you to become alive with possibilities.

I DARE YOU TO MAKE 2011 the Best Ever!
Big Blessings and Thanks for Reading and Sharing!

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