Saturday, January 15, 2011

Motivational Series for 2011 * What the Successful Know by L. LaShawn Sithole

On January 1, 2011 we passed the mark of 2,500 page views. Some two weeks later we have surpassed 3,600 page views. To God Be The Glory!!!

Welcome Today's Readers from: Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Philippines, France, Germany, India, United Kingdom, Canada and United States. Additional Readers for the week include: Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark and Australia. Thank You for Reading and Sharing The Love! 

For the next 30 days, my husband and I are learning from a video series that promises to improve health, career and relationships. We are also studying from The Bible and a Bible based marriage curriculum. 

I will share something from various sources that we are using and conclude with the daily video for The Course in Mastery by Tom Hill until we're finished. Let's get started!!!

One of my favorite authors is Dr. Dennis Kimbro. He wrote a book called "Daily Motivations for African American Success". Since it has inspired me so much, I’ve decided to share –throughout 2011 some of the wonderful nuggets gleaned from it’s pages.

I am not a paid endorser, just a huge fan. The combination of his ‘right on time writing’ and meeting him before he addressed an awards Banquet in Austin has kept me reaching for his work for many wonderful years. 

I was almost an hour early to hear him speak and happened to walk up as he was offering to autograph a gentleman’s book. The man kinda blushed and not wanting to be ‘the first’ said ‘no thank you.’ 

I chimed right on in there and said proudly, “Well, I’ll be the first then,” handing him my book. He smiled and asked me my name. As he signed it, he said, “LaShawn, I got something I’m going to dedicate to you in the keynote.” Shocked and not really knowing what to say, I simply said “Thanks!” all the while wondering what in the heck he was going to do.

I vividly remember taking a drink of my iced tea just at the moment he said from the microphone, “LaShawn, I told you that I had something for you so listen up, here it is.” I swallowed carefully, sat up straight and opened my ears and mind. 

Footnote: Now, I don’t even live in Austin, so you can imagine the looks on people’s faces that actually did live there. How could he know me? Well, truth be told, God has blessed me to meet some really beautiful and memorable people. 

I sat there smiling and listening intently to every word.

After the event was over, I scoured that book until I found that same page. It was February 8th.

 “Most of us desperately hope to make our mark on the events of our lives. But how? There seems to be so much unnecessary confusion regarding the truth about success and achievement. What do successful men and women know that so many do not?

They know that altitude is determined by attitude; they shoot for the stars.

They know that the road to success is a worthy destination.

They take chances; they walk to the beat of a different drummer.

They come early and stay late. They make the forty hour work week look like child’s play.
They dream big dreams and then work on those dreams to come true.

They know that law of averages. They know that success is a statistical event.

They know that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

They make choices and not excuses.

They have strong faith, belief in God, and respect for fellow human beings.

They know they are responsible, and they respond with ability.

They know their stuff!”

How humbled and honored to be connected to that daily post! Who knew that when I drove in from Waco that I would get blessed like that? God did. 

Now, I want to bless you, too. Blessings are meant to be shared and I am beginning with this really effective series that I found called “The Course in Mastery.” It’s a self improvement series that can be life changing if you complete the steps. Action is the key to success.

Invest time in Yourself. You Are Worth It!

Thanks for Reading and Sharing! Big Blessing to Each of You! Stay Tuned!!!

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