Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be Motivated Series: Be a Servant Leader by LaShawn Sithole

Welcome to Day 30 of the Be Motivated Series! Congratulations and Thank You for making the journey with me. It takes some serious discipline to stick to anything for 30 straight days, so pat yourself on the back and give yourself a 'high five' and fist bump if you made it. It's really a big deal as most people don't. Fret not, you can always go back should you choose to do so.

I am completely delighted to Welcome and Thank Today’s Readers from Jamaica, Brazil, Norway, United Stated, India, United Kingdom, Egypt, Canada, Philippines, South Africa, Germany, South Korea, Romania, Croatia, Belgium, and Ireland! How wonderful to have you as a part of our global family!

Today’s emphasis is one that is very dear to my heart –Servant Leadership. What an excellent way to end the video series. The timing of it – though- has really blown my mind. You see, I am organizing on a event for March 14, almost one month to today that is on the exact same thing. Look at God!

More on “Are You a Ten? The Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader,” by Barbara Baggerly-Hinojosa and that event very soon.

Dennis Waitely gives some wonderfully noteworthy clues on what children and adults need in the concluding two videos of “The Course in Mastery.” Roots and wings are the key.
“Give your children roots and wings.” Dennis Waitely

Tom Wood speaks of the Greatest Servant Leader of All Time --Jesus-- which thrilled me to no end! Mr. Wood (and Coral) did an excellent job in this series. In appreciation, he the author of our quote of the day. It’s a wonderful motto to live by!

“Become incredibly successful and outrageously happy and when you do, use ‘that’ to serve other people and help them get that way.” Tom Wood

Enjoy Part 1

Enjoy Part 2

Thank you again for your tremendous support!
If you are in or near Waco, TX USA, please join us for a book signing/meet the author event:

One in a Billion Consulting presents: 

“Are You a Ten? The Ten Characteristics of Servant Leadership” 
by Barbara Baggerly Hinojosa
(Contributing Writer for this OIABC Blog)

When: March 14, 2011 from 5:30pm - 7pm

Where: West Avenue Elementary School
1101 North 15th Street 

* RSVP to*

Thank You for Reading and Sharing!
God Bless You Most Abundantly!

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