Saturday, August 28, 2010

Conscious Appreciation

Every person created, whether they willingly admit it or not, has a deep desire to be appreciated.  It is a basic human need, yet often overlooked. Children are no exception.

Why not do something different, so we can get and be something different?
One in a Billion Consulting does a lot of different things.  Appreciation is the one thread that ties all of our work together.  We empower people to think and behave differently through the very act of “conscious appreciation” for those in their environment at any given time.

Through this blog, we will be sharing appreciation tips that you can do with family, colleagues and the community.  We want you to try those that appeal to you and please share the results with us.  Since everyone was not taught to say ‘thank you,’ it’s up to us who know to do some gentle teaching.

Here, I’ll go first.  “I appreciate your reading this, sharing this and joining me in helping make the world a better place. Thanks a Billion!!!”

Appreciation Tip 1#

  • Find 3 students.
  • One at a time, have a conversation with each one about school.
  • Ask what concerns they have.
  • Ask them to tell you what they are looking forward to and build on that.
  • Encourage them by telling them that you appreciate their hard working efforts to succeed.
  • Remember their reaction and responses.

Congratulations! You just took a major step in changing someone’s world. Way to go!

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