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Proverbs 10 - You want ME to do what??? Overlook an insult? How does one do that?

Welcome to Day 10 of our study of Proverbs!

Scriptures highlighted in my own personal study (from the Children’s Living Bible) are bold and follow. The entire chapter is now listed here as well.  You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to add yours to the comment section - as always!

These are the proverbs of Solomon:
V1 Happy is the man with a level-headed son; sad the mother of a rebel.

V2 Ill gotten gain brings no lasting happiness; right living does.

V3 The LORD will not let a good man starve to death, nor will he let the wicked man's riches continue forever.

V4 Lazy men are soon poor; hard workers get rich. 

V5 A wise youth makes hay while the sun shines, but what a shame to see a lad who sleeps away his hour of opportunity.

V6 The good man is covered with blessings from head to foot, but an evil man inwardly curses his luck.

V7 We all have good memories of good men gone to their reward, but the names of wicked men stink after them.

V8 The wise man is glad to be instructed, but a self sufficient fool falls flat on his face.

V9 A good man has firm footing, but a crook will slip and fall.

V10 Winking at sin leads to sorrow; bold reproof leads to peace.

V11 There is living truth in what a good man says, but the mouth of the evil man is filled with curses.

V12 Hatred stirs old quarrels, but love overlooks insults.
V13 Men with common sense are admired as counselors, those without it are beaten as servants.

V14 A wise man holds his tongue. Only a fool blurts out everything he knows; that only leads to sorrow and trouble.

V15 The rich man's wealth is his only strength. The poor man's poverty is his only curse.

V16 The good man’s earnings advance the cause of righteousness. The evil man squanders his on sin.

V17 Anyone willing to be corrected is on the pathway to life. Anyone refusing has lost his chance.

V18 To hate is to be a liar; to slander is to be a fool.

V19 Don’t talk so much. You keep putting your foot in your mouth. Be sensible and turn off the flow! 

V20 When a good man speaks, he is worth listening to, but the words of fools are a dime a dozen.

V21 A godly man gives good advice, but a rebel is destroyed by lack of common sense.

V22 The Lord’s blessing is our greatest wealth. All our work adds nothing to it.

V23 A fool's fun is being bad; a wise man's fun is being wise!

V24 The wicked man’s fears will all come true, and so will the good man’s hopes.

V25 Disaster strikes like a cyclone and the wicked are whirled away. But the good man has a strong anchor.

V26 A lazy fellow is a pain to his employers – like smoke in their eyes or vinegar that sets the teeth on edge.

V27 Reverence for God adds hours to each day, so how can the wicked expect a long, good life?

V28 The hope of good men is eternal happiness; the hopes of evil men are all in vain. 

V29 God protects the upright but destroys the wicked.

V30 The good shall never lose God’s blessings, but the wicked shall lose everything.

V31 The good man gives wise advice, but the liar’s counsel is shunned.

V32 The upright speak what is helpful; the wicked speak rebellion.

 Hope enjoy this classic gospel jam from my childhood, "Call Him Up!"

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