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In the Presence of Love ...a note from Mary Robinson Reynolds

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While putting the finishing touches on a new series called, "Where is The Love?" I was blessed to get the following in my email box this morning. I listed the site below so you can have access to some really life enriching material. 

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Each person's core purpose in life is to be loving. Love and compassion don't solve problems, they just get you into the best frame of mind and heart to reach beyond where you've gone before, to find new, creative, peaceful and healing solutions.

Mary Rowland in her book Dare to Believe! has described how you can double the good in your life by simply putting love first:

          "If you are not attracting the good that you desire in your life, learn to express love; become a radiating center of love; and you will find that love, the divine magnet within you will change your whole world ... when your heart is filled with love you will not be critical or irritable, but you will be divinely irresistible."

Florence Scoval Shinn wrote, "Every man on the planet is taking his initiation in love." 

To which Catherine Ponder concludes: "Whatever your problem, it is but a test in love. If you meet that test through love, your problem will be solved. If you do not meet that test through love, your problem will continue until you do! Your problem is your initiation in love."

Christmas is the time of a new birth in consciousness ...and a return to that which created each and every one of us: Love.

With peace, comes love. Peace can be found in the silence.

Sometimes we may feel it is just too hard to feel love, let alone express love. It is times like this that you can reach for compassion first, understanding second. These two simple pre-emptive steps will get you to a place of peace. From peace, love flows easily.

This holiday season, simply try putting compassion first. No matter what the situation, find the compassion. Whether it's about money, relationship or job dissatisfaction, health, weight ... any and all situations in your life where a solution has not been found, simply be compassionate with yourself first, compassionate with those involved second, and you will feel the world light up with new inspired solutions because, and to quote from The Power of Compassion: 7 Ways You Can Make A Difference Gift Book & DVD:

“Research about the brain reveals that compassionate thoughts literally light up the frontal lobe of a person's brain. (The frontal lobe is where the mind can access solutions.) When we are resentful or angry, there is no light in that part of the brain, and so we shut down and fail to function well. As soon as we deliberately think compassionate thoughts, this part of the brain lights up, and we can literally go from "impossible" to "possible" in an instant.

Whether you are devoutly religious or deeply spiritual, an atheist, an agnostic or a skeptic, when you simply decide to think compassionate thoughts, the power of the feeling that is ignited is palpable. The connection is instantly available and deeply real.”

Expect Miracles!

Mary Robinson Reynolds
Author & Founder of Heart Productions & Publishing


(Note: This post was not a paid endorsement. I just appreciate the work and wanted to share.)

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