Monday, December 6, 2010

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin featuring The Trumpet by Bill Burns and SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns -- 12/6/2010

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns -- 12/6/2010: 
It is written My beloved and it cannot be broken, that I am coming for a glorious church. And, if you can believe it and if you can receive it that is the work I am doing in you, even in these days, says the Lord. For the very good work that I have begun with you, in you and through you, I am bringing to completion. You must look unto Me for I am indeed the author and the finisher of your faith. 

There are those of you who believe your faith is small and that your faith is insignificant and you've even prayed, 'Lord, increase my faith.' But, I say unto you, the faith of the Lord that is manifest in you in these days will become a greater faith than ever you have known. 

For you will be able to say that you no longer live by the measure or the lack of your own faith, but you live now by the faith of the Son of God, the faith that enables you to see beyond the veil and enables you to walk through the valley of vision. 

So I say, beloved, encourage yourself today for the work I am doing in you is ongoing. 

It is not a small work. It is not an insignificant work. It is a mighty work that you may even be unaware of. But in these last days the glory of the work I am doing in you will begin to shine forth as a light, a beacon to those who have no hope--a radiant light to those that shall come. That is why I have spoken that you are the light of the world, so let your light shine. 

When the manifestation of it comes then I say do not hide it and do not put a basket over it, but allow the glory of My presence in you to shine forth to a lost and a dying generation. Be encouraged, says the Lord.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns -- 12/6/2010: 
I had a vision of a chess game between God and Satan. I didn't see their bodies; I only saw their hands playing chess. I know that the chess board is the body of Christ and that, like Job, we are caught in a battle between good and evil. He had a choice and so do we about how to react to our circumstances, but if Job had known that he was caught in a battle he would have sought God right away. 

We know we are caught in a battle so we need to seek the Lord right away. I heard the Lord say that He is moving on hearts in a deep and profound way to draw us to Himself to choose Him and Him alone. And it is a deep and abiding work. But as long as we keep focused on our own issues, the issues of life, He can't do the work. 

As soon as we let God have His way in this war, He wins, and we win. But we have to get our focus back on the Lord. He is wooing us to Himself. He's calling us back to a position of faith and hope and strength in Him.

Thank you, Sage, for sharing this post! I pray that it Blesses Many! * Pastor Jimmy D. Hunter spoke just yesterday about the the same thing! "The Best Thing to do is Surrender (to the obedience of God's Will) --- Quickly!" That's the best advice ever! Big Blessings to You!

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