Sunday, January 2, 2011

Proverbs 2 - A Life Full of Joy? Yes, it's in there!

PROVERBS 2…verses that stood out during my study follow.  Because they are from a paraphrased Children’s Bible, they are in wonderfully simple language.

V1,2 Every young man who listens to me and obeys my instructions will be given wisdom and good sense.

V3,4,5 Yes, if you want better insight and discernment, and are searching for them as you would for lost money or hidden treasure, then wisdom will be given you, and knowledge of God Himself; you will soon learn the importance of reverence for The LORD and of trusting Him.

V6 For The LORD grants wisdom! His every word is a treasure of knowledge and understanding.

V7-8 He grants good sense to the godly- His saints.  He is their shield, protecting them and guarding their pathway.

V9 He shows how to distinguish right from wrong, how to find the right decision every time.

V10  For wisdom and truth will enter the very center of your being, filling your life with joy.

After the warnings in verses 11-19 there were:
V20 Follow the steps of the godly instead, and stay on the right path,

V21 for only good men enjoy life to the full;

V22 evil men lose the good things they might have had and they themselves shall be destroyed.
Words in bold are my emphasis as these words struck some chord within.  What about you?


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