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Worth More than Silver or Gold * Proverbs 8

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The verses highlighted in my personal study follow and are bold. The entire chapter is also listed for you.

 Proverbs 8

V1 CAN'T YOU HEAR the voice of wisdom? She is standing at the city gates and at every fork in the road, and at the door of every house. Listen to what she says: 

V4,5 "Listen, men!" she calls. "How foolish and naive you are! Let me give you common sense!

V6,7 Listen to me! For I have important information for you. Everything I say is right and true, for I hate lies and every kind of deception.

V8 My advice is wholesome and good. There is nothing of evil in it.

V9 My words are plain and clear to anyone with half a mind- if it is only open!

V10 My instruction is far more valuable than silver or gold.

V11 For the value of wisdom is above rubies; nothing can be compared with it.

V12 Wisdom and good judgment live together, for wisdom knows where to discover knowledge and understanding.

V13 If anyone respects and fears God, he will hate evil.  For wisdom hates pride, arrogance, corruption and deceit of every kind.

V14,15 I, Wisdom, give good advice and common sense. Because of my strength, kings reign in power.  I show the judges who is right and who is wrong.

V16 Rulers rule well with my help.

V17 I love all who love me.  Those who search for me will surely find me.

V18 Unending riches, honor, justice and righteousness are mine to distribute.

V19 My gifts are better than the purest gold or sterling silver!

V20 My paths are those of justice and right.

V21 Those who love and follow me are indeed wealthy.  I fill their treasuries.  

V22 The Lord formed me in the beginning, before He created anything else.

V23 From ages past, I AM. I existed before the earth began.

V24 I lived before the oceans were created, before the springs bubbled forth their waters onto the earth;

V25 before the mountains and the hills were made, 

V26 Yes, I was born before God made the earth; before the mountains and the high plateaus.

V27,28,29 I was there when He established the heavens and formed the great springs in the depths of the oceans.  I was there when He set the limits of the seas and gave then His Instructions not to spread beyond their boundaries.  I was there when He made the blueprint for the earth and the oceans.

V30 I was always at His side like a little child.  I was  His constant delight, laughing and playing in His Presence.

V31 And how happy I was with what He created-his wide world and all his family of mankind!

V32 And so, young men, listen to me, for how happy are all who follow my instructions.

V33 “Listen to my counsel-oh, don’t refuse it-and be wise.

V34 Happy is the man who is so anxious to be with me that he watches for me daily at my gates, or waits for me outside my home!

V35 But the one who misses me has injured himself irreparably.  Those who refuse me show that they love death.


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