Sunday, March 16, 2014

Growing in Wisdom - Proverbs 16

We can make plans, but the final outcome is in God’s Hands.

2 We can always “prove” that we are right, but is The Lord convinced?

3 Commit your work to the Lord, then it will succeed.

4 The Lord has made everything for his own purposes – even the wicked, for punishment.

5 Pride disgusts The Lord. Take my word for it – proud men shall be punished.

6 Iniquity is atoned for my mercy and truth; evil is avoided by reverence for God.

7 When a man is trying to please God, God makes even his worst enemies to be at peace with him.

8 A little, gained honestly, is better than great wealth gotten by dishonest means.

9 We should make plans – counting on God to direct us.

10 God will help the king to judge the people fairly; there need be no mistakes.

11 The Lord demands fairness in every business deal. He established this principle.

12 It is a horrible thing for a king to do evil. His right to rule depends upon his fairness.

13 The king rejoices when his people are truthful and fair.

14 The anger of the king is a messenger of death and a wise man will appease it.

15 Many favors are showered on those who please the king.

16 How much better is wisdom than gold and understanding than silver!

17 The path of the godly leads away from evil; he who follows this path is safe.

18 Pride goes before destruction and haughtiness before a fall.

19 Better poor and humble than proud and rich.

20 God blesses those who obey Him; happy is the man who puts his trust in The LORD.

21 The wise man is known by his common sense and a pleasant teacher is best.

22 Wisdom is a fountain of life to those possessing it but a fool’s burden is his folly.

23 From a wise mind comes careful and persuasive speech.

24 Kind words are like honey – enjoyable and healthful.

25 Before every man there lies a wide and pleasant road he thinks is right but it ends in death.

26 Hunger is good – if it makes you work to satisfy it!

27 Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.

28 An evil man sows strife, gossip separates the best of friends.

29 Wickedness loves company - and leads others into sin.

30 The wicked man stares into space with pursed lips, deep in thought, planning his evil deeds.

31 White hair is a crown of glory and is seen most among the godly.

32 It is better to be slow-tempered and famous; it is better to have self-control than to control an army.

33 We toss the coin but it is The Lord who controls its decision.

Text: Children's Living Bible, Tyndale House Publishing 1972
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